About This Site

boy with nebulizerEvery year, millions of American children live without cohesive, long-term care for their asthma. This site details the efforts of 14 research teams around the country to change the outlook for children with asthma through programs that range from community-based coalitions to new reimbursement models in Medicaid managed care and provocative emergency department interventions.

Improving quality of care for people with chronic health conditions is a key goal of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation® (RWJF). In 1998, RWJF staff considered how the Foundation might better focus its efforts on that objective. One recommendation was to explore one or two chronic diseases in depth, developing systems and interventions to improve the clinical care management and outcomes of people with those illnesses.

The Pediatric Asthma Initiative used clinical and non-clinical approaches to improve the management of pediatric asthma among members of high-risk populations. The Initiative included three national programs:

  • Allies Against Asthma, which sought to improve health outcomes for asthmatic children by supporting community coalitions; and

How to Use This Site

Although there is no single recipe for improving the lives of children with asthma, these programs show that successful interventions share many common traits. Here, you’ll be able to learn more about these key elements and discover how individual communities, emergency departments and health care systems have put theory into practice.

Read the site’s case studies and learn about the innovative, replicable models that will help improve quality of life and efficiency of treatment for children with asthma. Each profile tells the story of the program’s implementation, offering lessons learned and tips for future implementation. The site also offers links to many more resources, including asthma data, program sites and other opportunities for continuing medical education.